Line Creek Brewing Co. Updates

Written by Jason (Head Brewer) As per usual there has been a lot going on since the last blog. But for the most part I’m going to focus on the beers that are being trialled at the moment. It’s really exciting to see all these beers that I’ve been talking about going from concept to […]

Written by Jason, Head Brewer Momentum (Part 2 of 2) Spring is getting closer and closer but in the meantime we continue to focus on perfecting recipes and of course taking as many trips to breweries as possible! That’s probably a good place to take off from the last blog entry! First, I have to […]

Written by Jason, Head Brewer Momentum (Part 1 of 2) Happy Christmas everyone… a LOT has happened since my last blog post. There have been three more brews, three beers kegged, three more planned, and a bunch of trips to some incredible breweries in Atlanta and Athens. This blog has the potential to be 20 […]

By: Jason Carroll, Head Brewer   Since Lucy and I arrived we’ve been waiting patiently for the 50 gallon brew system to be delivered from Spike Brewing Company, as well as the two fermenters from SS brewtech and of course malt, hops and yeast! Day after day each part of the 1BBL pilot system began […]


By: Jason Carroll, Head Brewer This journey began many years ago as an idea… a goal… a dream. Close to 9 years ago now. When the global recession came in, it closed my sound engineering business in the blink of an eye. At this point Lucy was only a pup ( so was i! ) and […]