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*TLDR* Celebrated national dog biscuit appreciation day, made some dog biscuits from the breweries spent grain, raised money for our local rescue, Royal Animal Refuge, and recipe before brewery dog pictures!

Today was one of those days in which a seemingly silly idea fueled by a staff full of animal lovers took on a life of its own.

Monday morning (February 17th) as Rachel and myself were sitting in the office discussing smaller event ideas. Not our monthly big events, but more of little things we can set up to add a little something to a random Tuesday or Sunday. It didn’t take long for Rachel to find that February 23rd was dog biscuit appreciation day. It seemed that something in the Line Creek Brewing Co universe was determined to push us toward making a spent grain dog treat. Not even a month earlier one of our taproom employees, Liz, had asked me about the spent grain and commented on dog biscuits.

With that we were off! Rachel contacted Royal Animal Refuge to see if they could come by. I ventured into the back of the brewery to see a man about some spent grain. Our lead brewer Spence told me he would have some he could set aside for me on Wednesday and emailed me a suggested recipe.

I won’t bore you with the details and we’ll get to the cute pictures soon, everyone knows that’s why you all are here… here’s a teaser to keep you intrigued.

Rachel and I began baking! I started with cookie cutters that were the shape of dogs. My biscuits didn’t look like dogs. I heard seals and dinosaur chicken nuggets… I’ll let you judge.

Process pics of making spent grain dog treats

I found in order to efficiently make enough for Sunday the equation was simple: (cheater mode with my stand mixer but I did do 2 batches by hand first).

1. Mix all the ingredients

2. Place on baking tray with aluminum foil (try and spread out)

3. Parchment paper to cover the top

4. Rolling pin to make it consistent in depth

5. Score with a knife to the size you’re wanting for your pup!

After thirty minutes at 350 degrees they still have some chewiness (moisture in them) so their shelf life is at most a week, but I’d lean toward a few days. If you drop the temp and keep them in for another two hours to dry them out, they could last up to three weeks After the additional two hours they are dry enough that they pop apart at the scoring lines.

Recipe for Spent Grain Dog Biscuit time… sit down because it is a lot

  • 4 cups spent grain from a local brewery
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 cup of natural peanut butter
  • Blend ingredients together in a large bowl
  • Roll out on flour coated surface
  • Cut into desired shapes and place on baking sheet
  • Pop in at 350 degrees for 30 mins
  • Reduce to 225 degrees for 2 hours

Now for national dog biscuit appreciation day at Line Creek Brewing Co!

In addition to just having a bunch of dogs around in a brewery, which I would classify as the best Sunday ever, we also raised some money. Here at Line Creek we want to genuinely thank everyone that came out and those who bought some biscuits for a good cause. We raised almost $200 for Royal Animal Refuge in an afternoon. Starting next week Line Creek Brewing Co will have spent grain dog biscuits and spent grain to purchase to make your own at home! That is if we can keep the product in stock. They are a labor of love! In more exciting news, we will continue to donate a large majority of the proceeds from these items to Royal Animal Refuge!

Pictured: Sam McAvoy from Line Creek Brewing and Kim Marhefka from Royal Animal Refuge

Fun Dog Times with Liz “Official Lady with the Biscuits”

Liz, our Lady with the Biscuits, giving out some dog treats and pets.

Oh and we can’t forget Pookie and Virginia who came out to visit. Pookie is on the left and because I didn’t catch a picture of Virginia, I attached her glamour shot on the right. We are so happy that they made the time to come out and spend the day with us to raise awareness for their shelter. Information can be found here for Pookie, Royal Animal Refuge and their adoptable dogs. As for Virginia, she is available for adoption, but her information isn’t currently online. She is approximately two years old, spayed, very friendly and was pulled out from Rockdale County shelter days before they were going to euthanize her. Let’s help find these fur babies and their refuge-mates good homes!

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